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If anyone wants to contact me regarding anything on this site feel free to email me at;

I also have another book available, titled Civilisation Judas, which can be found here;

Amazon US Amazon UK

(Note: this book is a general history book and isn't specifically focused on red hair. It concerns the development of civilisation and religion. It's quite an interesting, if unorthodox read though :p )

Likewise, along with the red hair blog linked to on the main page, I also have a few other blogs;

ya daily cyberia

Birkhall's Miscellany

Finally, there's a red-haired YouTube channel too. The few videos on there aren't the most polished or engaging, but they at least add another point of entry for the information. Perhaps this channel may develop into something better in the future ..hopefully.

Red Hair Mythos YouTube

Oh! ..and before I forget, we also have a Twitter account. So many links (!)

Thank you for visiting :)

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