The Myths and History of Red Hair


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In essence this site is about red hair. I have set it up with the aim of gathering together all the interesting bits of information about red hair that I've collected over the years. I do sometimes stray into territory which isn't strictly red hair related, but hopefully it's related enough that things don't wander too far from the main focus.

Red Hair Collage (detail)

Although I do have reddish-brown hair myself (my freckles just about pushing me beyond brown and into the realms of 'ginger'), I must state that I have no particular fondness for red hair one way or the other. In fact, my interest in red hair only really stems from the fact that I've had to defend it in the face of the criticism and ridicule that often comes with it.

I must therefore state that the views referenced on this site are not necessarily ones I share myself. Personally, I'm much more interested in what people have thought and said about red hair than I am in the actual red hair itself.

It's my personal opinion that red hair is just as mundane as any other hair colour - no better, no worse. Simply looking at the animal kingdom makes me feel that this is the case. Horses, cattle, dogs, cats, in fact most mammals, show the same range of hair/fur colour that can be witnessed in humans - white/blonde, red/brown, grey/black. It would probably be strange if some people didn't have red hair.

In spite of this, however, I must admit that I am both fascinated and amused by the various beliefs that people have held about red hair throughout the ages. The eccentric theories and prejudices it has inspired, the strange passions and obsessions. Even today, in our modern era, red hair seems to keep gathering a mythology all of its own.

Sadly, although I'm interested in this mythology, I'm not a believer in it - after all, it's just a colour.

Thanks for visiting :)

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